Angband (Sindarin for 'Hells of Iron', although the literal meaning is 'iron prison') is the name of the fortress of Melkor, constructed before the First Age, located in the Iron Mountains in the enemy's realm Dor Daedeloth north of Beleriand.

Morgoth built it to guard against a possible attack from Aman by the Valar, and put Sauron in command of it. Nonetheless, the Valar's attack succeeded in capturing Melkor (who had been called 'Morgoth') and destroying his other stronghold Utumno.

After three ages of imprisonment, Melkor returned to Middle-earth and set himself up in Angband, raising the volcanic Thangorodrim over the Fortress as protection. He reigned there until the end of the First Age, when it was destroyed in the War of Wrath by the army of the Valar.

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List of Minifactions

1. Tol in Gauroth:

The tower called Minas Tirith in the river Sirion built by Finrod, was captured by Sauron and renamed Tol-in-Gauroth.

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2. Easterlings of the house of Ulfang

Ulfang also came in Lothlann in Beleriand in the same year, shortly after Bór. He was the father of Ulfast, Ulwarth, and Uldor. Ulfang was also welcomed by the sons of Fëanor, and he and his sons swore allegiance to Caranthir.They were given lands to dwell in the north and south of the March of Maedhros.

Ulfang and his sons were secretly in the employ of Morgoth, and betrayed the Eldar and Edain during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad in what was later known as the Treachery of Men.

For their treachery Ulfang was called the Black and Uldor, the Accursed. Ulfang and his sons were all slain in the battle.

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