What's The Four Ages?

It's a mod for The Battle for Middle Earth 2, which will recreate all the battles of Middle Earth and Aman, faithful to the Silmarilion.

So if the mod only has factions from the First Age, why is this mod called The Four Ages?
Because initially, in the beginning stages of the mod you were able to go through all the ages of Middle Earth (like in AOE) but then we deleted the ages because they were too much work; then we didn't want to change the name and thus we kept the original name.

What factions does it have?
Three: Angband (The evil), Edain (Men), and Eldar (Elves).

Does this mod have minifactions?
Yes, it does. But all factions will have a different way to obtain and construct them.
Some other features...
The game will be more realistic, for example: heavy armor will decrease the speed of the units. Also, archers will shoot fire arrows at buildings whereas they will shoot normal, un-upgraded arrows or poisoned arrows at units.
Also, we've changed the number of units per horde just like it was in BFME 1.

Will you change or add anything concerning the campaign?
We'll include a huge campaign about the Wars of Beleriand, and another one based on the 2nd and 3rd ages.

Are you going to change the WOTR mode?
We don't know. Probably yes, but it would be in another version of the mod.

And the CaH?
We'll expand it more than it already is. I don't know how yet though, but we'll see.

Will units be able to walk on walls?
Yes, they will.

What about the release date?
We don't know it yet, so please don't bother asking for it.

And what about a beta?
We won't release a public beta for now, but we'll release plenty of videos and screenshots.

If you have any doubt post here.